Calgary Presbyterian Church

We are a congregation pursuing oversight with the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland


About Us

Presbyterian psalm singing church

Psalm singing church Calgary

What can you expect when you attend one of our services? 

Our Presbyterian psalm singing church in Calgary is derived from the example of the church of the New Testament with nothing added. So we use no musical instruments, and we sing only psalms. Our service is centered around prayer, praise (psalms), and explanation of the Bible (preaching).

Our services take about an hour and a half. They are structured according to the principles described after the best tradition of the Scottish Reformed Church as explained in the Directory for Public Worship formulated by the Westminster Divines and practiced in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

Order of Worship 

Psalm: A selection of stanzas from the Scottish Metrical Psalter is sung. We do not stand when singing.

Prayer: The minister or reader opens with prayer. Everyone stands during every prayer.

Scripture: A portion from God’s Word is read. The King James Authorised Version is used.

Psalm: More stanzas from the Scottish Metrical Psalter are sung.

Sermon: The minister or reader reads the verse or portion from Scripture which will be expounded in the sermon and the sermon is delivered.

Prayer: The minister or reader ends the sermon with prayer.

Psalm: More stanzas are sung in conclusion.

Benediction: The minister blesses the congregation with the blessing from 2 Corinthians 13:14. If it is a reader he will close with some appropriate wording.


Place of Worship:

2530 6th Ave. NW
Calgary, AB T2N 0X6

Sabbath Worship Times:

10:00 am & 5:00pm