Calgary Presbyterian Church


We are a congregation pursuing oversight with the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland


This website makes extensive use of the main website of the FPCS and especially the materials and format of the FPCS website for Canada. The Church of the Reformation should be vibrant but not innovative. Below is a selection of articles to encourage the reader to pursue a more excellent way in  Doctrine, Worship, Practice as well articles explaining the evils of Romanism The very last link references articles on the Historical Faithfulness and practices of the church to which we seek to be aligned.

All these articles are linked to the FPCS website for Canada. Most of these articles are taken from the churches Magazine which has been published since its early separation from the Free Church of Scotland. This magazine, as well as the youth magazine is published monthly and can be found on the FPCS main website. The earlier publications have been bound together in hard bound volumes and contain much information of the quality offered below.










The  Articles on Scottish Church History found on the Canadian FPCS website are linked throughout in the History and Witness page which provides deeper context to our Reformational roots.